Create together



Genre: Sandbox Multiplayer, Social Change

Team: 4 students

Development: 3 weeks, Experimental Jam

Platform: Android/iOs, Web browser

Technology: Unity Project Tiny, TypeScript

When: 4th semester Game Design (B.A.) at HTW Berlin, 2018

Play it by scanning the code below with your phone

or click here if you're on mobile

Disclaimer: Runs smoothly on most iPhones but has performance issues on Samsung and some other phones. This is a known problem of Unity Project Tiny's preview version.

My responsibilities

Programming: Developing a playable protoype in Unity Tiny, implementing touch controls and UI, implementing a master client to change gameplay parameters in runtime

Design: Working on a concept that subverts common game mechanics, designing conditions to experiment with player behavior

CHANGE is a multiplayer building game that players can join by simply scanning a QR code with their phone and placing shapes on an infinite canvas. There is no predefined goal, but the possibility to create something with others, on a canvas that everyone can see on a projector.


We wanted to create a game that in its very mechanics subverts the assumptions that underllie today's society: competition, performance and goal oriented living. In CHANGE, each player has only one resource - a shape - which in and of itself is not much. But together with other players, each with their unique shape and color, they can create something more than they could on their own.


Tip: If you're playing with a bunch of people and want to get an overview of what you are drawing, open the link in a web browser and press 'M' to make this client the master client. You can now press 'Down' to zoom out and 'Up' to zoom back in.

Move shape:

Place shape:

Pan view:

Rotate shape:

Put finger on shape and drag.

Tap on shape.

Swipe with two fingers.

Place a thumb on each side of the screen.

Swipe up with one and down with the other.

About the development process

After doing some research on how we could create a multiplayer solution for Project Tiny and checking out possible solutions like Lance, I created the prototype focusing on the game's mechanics and touch controls, while Cyrill started working on the communication via WebSockets.


Given the short time and the challenge to create a multiplayer game from scratch, I think we managed to make a good proof of concept that shows how games can be different.

I enjoyed the thinking out of the box approach we used for this one, and the challenge to try to make something different and even opposed to what most games do.

My learnings

I had never before worked with Unity Project Tiny or written code in TypeScript, so I learned a lot about Entity Component Systems, which helped me improve my code in other projects and forced me to think a lot about performance.


I also realized that to give players the tools they need to enjoy creating something, feedback is even more important when you don't rely on tried and true concepts like scores, competition, fighting enemies, or exploration.

Joining the project a little late taught me to make the team's concept my own and to do my best to help refine it and bring it to fruition.


Change - Create together was made by

Alex Mejda

Cyrill Callenius

Josephine Pallus

Kristina Fitzner

Marlene Holly

Thanks to our coaches

Prof. Susanne Brandhorst

Prof. Thomas Bremer