hive <Goa, 1977>

The subject was hive, <locaction, time> and the task was to to show a vertical slice of a game mechanic, a quest or some other part of a game idea, in the context of a game concept with a clearly defined setting. I chose to show the use of a game mechanic, the Aura Vision, in the context of a quest within the mainline story of a 3D Murder Mystery Adventure, set in a cultish hippie community in Goa, West India, 1977.

Sheet A - Fact Sheet, Setting and the Story Overview

(click on elements to show larger version)

Sheet B - Quest - Flow Chart

Sheet C - Quest - Dialogue and fake screenshots

Sheet D - Aura Vision Skill in quest context

Sheet E - Aura Vision & Spiritual Attunement Bar

F - Quest End - Climactic revelation of Peter's murder